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Kazumi Tateishi
( pianist / composer / arranger / producer )

Kazumi began playing the keyboard at the age of 12. In junior and senior high schools he joined a brass band, and in college a big band, where he was a flute and saxophone player, pianist, conductor, and concertmaster. While at college, Kazumi started his professional career as a pianist with groups led by prominent musicians including trombone player Yoichi Murata. After graduation, he joined a record company, and while serving as director and A&R in jazz, he participated in recording sessions and live performances as pianist and arranger.
In 2010, he left the company and finally became independent as producer, composer, arranger and pianist. Kazumi has since been actively performing in trios, quartets, and big bands, in live houses mostly in Tokyo, as well as joining in various recording sessions.
His versatile talents and style have led him to composing and playing music for theatrical plays such as Ran by Hata-gumi (produced by Takehiko Hata) and Warai no machi by Tokyo Seleccion Deluxe (produced by Takayuki Takuma).
He has released three albums: GHIBLI meets JAZZ - Beautiful Songs (2010), GHIBLI meets JAZZ - Memorable Songs (2011), and Smile - Beautiful Songs in Jazz (2011).